« Be — don’t try to become »

                                                                                  - Osho


Somewhere inside all of us resides an amazing capacity, a creative fiber, a part of us that exists to comfort our integrity and authenticity. Such a strength should not be denied, rather awakened to lead our decisions and actions.


Unfortunately, this part turns out to be ignored, forgotten, turning most of us into robots, senseless beings. It is however our job to turn the lights towards this best part of ourselves, the one that reflects our qualities, our inner values. By creating space, we should this part blossom and fully express itself.

« Proper diet and proper exercises »* are two tools that “La Meilleure Part” proposes you to enhance your physical and mental health.

Those two pieces of advice represent the basis of a lifestyle which will help you fully develop your potential and become who you truly are.

In your personal development path, La Meilleure part, offers you the tools to awaken this internal strength. Thanks to a balanced nutrition and yoga practice, you can develop and enhance your vitality, energy, concentration, self-confidence, perseverance, thoughts, clearness in your mind, body … (and the list is still longer!).

That’s right, you understood it perfectly: everything holds in your own hands!

Consciously living is also caring about someone else’s well-being. Our philosophy does not promote individual success. Rather, it encourages and engages us to respect the other as well as our environment to reach a holistic harmony.


Every change starts with the self before extending to collectivity.


La Meilleure Part accompanies you to unravel your latent power – not to transform yourself into someone you are not.

 (Finally) Dare to be yourself!